Blanky Challenge

Win a pillowcase and a set of the best bedsheets in Europe


The Blanky Challenge is a duel for the coolest and softest sheets in Portugal: ours against yours. That's why we're giving you (yes, give, no shipping costs, no strings attached), a pillowcase – so you can run the test yourself.

Share your experience with us on Instagram and/or facebook and you might win a full set of bedsheets! The first shares are guaranteed to win a set - after that we will be evaluating each one on its merits!

Why are our bedsheets so special?

100% bamboo

Crafted from soft, lightweight viscose bamboo, a material known for its cooling properties and long fibers.

Refreshing treatment

Our patented ICE2.0 treatment and finishing process ensures that our sheets are as fresh as they come.

Moisturise hair and skin

Our bedsheets are known for reducing hair frizz and for keeping your hair and skin more hydrated (helping with wrinkles!). Great for sensitive skins. 


Just share your details below to receive a pillowcase completely free. Then, please share your experience on instagram and/or facebook and you will be eligible to get a set of beedsheets completely free.

Only if you want too - there are no strings attached to the challenge.

Share your experience on instagram and/or facebook and tag us - the first 50 shares will immediately gain a set of bedsheets while the next ones will be evaluated based on their merit and we will pick the best ones.

The pillowcases sent will normally be square ones in 65x65cm. We will ask you about the size of the bedsheets you want after you tag us on your instagram and/or facebook post.